Free CorelDraw Tutorials

Basic Effects & Features (70 Videos)

Using guidelines in CorelDRAW

Guidelines are great for desktop publisher. Alignment is important and CorelDraw can easily create one for you.

Tracing a drawing in CorerlDRAW

This is a tutorial about tracing a line drawing (bitmap) and making it a vector image so you can apply special effects.

Using envelope effect in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial about using the envelop effect in CorelDraw this is a great tool if you want to create special effects in your text.

Text Effect (metallic) in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is how to make a custom text effect in a metallic look. Very popular.

Text drop shadow in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is all about creating a drop shadow on text.

Powerclip effect in CorelDRAW

Powerclip is my favourite effect, it mask an object fast and can help you control the mask by editing a vector object (container).

Text spacing (how to adjust) in CorelDRAW

Here is a tutorial about how to adjust the spacing between text characters, words and between lines.

Posterize a portrait in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to convert an ordinary photo into a stylized portrait. Bitmap tracing was the main tool.

Reflection effect in CorelDRAW

Short tutorial in creating reflection effect using transparency.

Polaroid effect in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to create a polaroid effect on your photos. The finish product will be a photo in a polaroid border.


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