Free CorelDraw Tutorials

Basic Effects & Features (70 Videos)

Red eye removal in CorelDRAW

This is a short tutorial on how to use the Red Eye Removal in a photo.

Play button in CorelDRAW

This is just a demo, no narration. Just want to show you how the play button is created in CorelDraw. I increased the video speed.

Printing tile image in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to tile an oversized image to be printed in your ordinary letter size page. Useful if you do not have a large format printer.

Photo frame borders in CorelDRAW

Here is a great tutorial for framing your photo with creative edges or borders. Start creating borders with CorelDraw.

Merging two photos in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to merge 2 photos quickly. Linear transparency was used, very useful effect when combining two or more photos with feathered edge.

Making a brochure in CorelDRAW

Making a brochure in CorelDraw is very straight forward. Linking paragraph text is very easy to use.

Making icons in CorelDRAW

Use CorelDraw to create web buttons for navigation. Using transparencies will make your buttons more 3d or realistic.

Magnify effect in CorelDRAW

Magnify is in the lens effect and very useful when you want to magnify some area of your artwork. You can also make it frozen so it becomes a bitmap and you can move it.

Making business card in CorelDRAW

CorelDraw is great in creating business cards. This tutorial will show you how to design your own business card and have it set to print on a letter size sheet of paper.

Line drawing in CorelDRAW

This tutorial shows you how to trace manually your photo using the artistic line. The result would be like a line drawing


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