Free CorelDraw Tutorials

Basic Effects & Features (70 Videos)

Gloss Effect in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is all about using transparencies to achieve the gloss effect. Transparency effect in CorelDraw provided us a great effect and you do not need to go to other programs like Photoshop to do it.

Extrude effect in CorelDRAW

This is a neat effect to make a 2d drawing into an isometric drawing. Very nice and no one can tell that it was done in CorelDraw. Good for product drawing.

Glass Effect in CorelDraw

This is a cool tutorial showing you how to create an illusion of glass. Lens effect was used in this tutorial, play with the settings of the lens option and you will be amazed with what it can do.

Exporting graphics for the web in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial about how to export your CorelDraw artwork to be suitable for web graphics. If you are doing websites and making navigation buttons, this is a tutorial for you.

Email attachment in CorelDRAW

This tutorial shows you how to save your Coreldraw file suitable for .jpeg email attachment.

Creating a logo in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial on how to create your own logo. Fit Text to path is the effect that I mostly use in this tutorial.

Drop shadow in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial on how to apply drop shadow to text.

Creating greeting card in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial in how to create a greeting card. Most companies use CorelDraw in creating them. This is an actual card that I designed for my Mom's 65th Birthday.

Double powerclip in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial about the power of powerclip. Shows you amazing technique when you want your image to overlap with another image in a powerclip.

CorelDraw X3 interface

This tutorial shows the interface of CorelDraw X3.


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