Free CorelDraw Tutorials

Basic Effects & Features (70 Videos)

Creating Youtube background in CorelDRAW

This is a useful tutorial for YouTubers. This explains how to create a repeating background for your channel.

Converting files to PDF in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is great when you want to send a pdf of your CorelDraw file. In the publish to PDF option, you can set the kind of PDF you want to distribute.

Creating Vista logo in CorelDRAW

This tutorial shows you how to recreate the Vista logo. Combination of transparency effect, mesh fill and bezier tool for drawing shapes.

Complex powerclip in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to use powerclip. Powerclip is one of my favourite effect. Very useful and it really is powerful. Illustrator cannot beat this effect.

Colour management option in CorelDraw

Why are the colours different in my screen? This is a common question if you have not used the colour management option.

Bitmap masking in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to get rid of the white background or any solid color in your photograph.

Cleaning up Super Bowl logo in CorelDRAW

This is just a demo. I increase the speed of the video. Sorry no narration, this is only a demo and clip speed was increased to 300%.

Bevel effect in CorelDRAW

This tutorial explains how to use the Bevel Effect in CorelDraw. This is useful if you want to use stylized text with chisel effect. No need to go to Photoshop to do this effect.

Changing colour modes in CorelDRAW

This tutorial explains how to use colour modes like doutone. Sometimes we want to make an image sepia or one tone with different shades.

Artistic media in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is all about using the artistic media feature of CorelDraw. If you want a calligraphy look to your lines and make your design more artistic.


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